chiropractic care after an auto injury

Why delaying chiropractic care after an auto injury can be dangerous?

The slightest errors on the road can lead to auto accidents that have serious consequences.Whiplash is a common injury that is caused when your neck and head get severely jerked in an auto accident. The sudden jerk leads to soft tissue damage in the neck and spine.

Most people assume that whiplash injuries don’t have a lasting impact, therefore they tough it out and delay seeking treatment. Doing so can be quite dangerous in multiple ways. In today’s post, we will discuss why it is important to seek immediate treatment from a car accident Tallahassee chiropractor.

What happens when you delay auto injury treatment?

Whiplash or other auto injuries can be more serious than you realize. Sometimes, our body’s response to trauma becomes the underlying reason that we don’t experience any symptoms of injuries immediately after the accident. Seeking immediate care is therefore important.

Lack of symptoms should not be an excuse to delay the treatment. Release of adrenaline after the trauma is absolutely normal and it may mask the pain for sometime. However, no signs or symptoms don’t mean that you are absolutely fine. Deep down the tissues are damaged and need immediate treatment.

If you are from Tallahassee and met with a car accident, here is why you should connect to Dr. Eric as soon as possible.

Worsened condition

Chiropractic adjustments are most effective in treating damaged tissues. However, if you delay seeking treatment, the damaged tissue gets scarring which leads to severe mobility.

In other words, if you get timely treatment, maybe a session or two is enough to recover from the auto injury. On the other hand, delaying chiropractic care can lead to scarred tissues, severe immobility, weakened muscles and a longer and slower road to recovery.

So don’t wait till you observe any symptoms of auto injury and immediately schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric who is the best Auto Accident Chiropractor in Tallahassee.

Chronic pain

Auto injuries often lead to disrupted spinal alignment. Delaying treatment can increase inflammation in the affected areas. Seeking timely care is therefore helpful in preventing the development of severe pain and mobility issues.

Moreover, pain is a way through which your bodytells you that something is wrong. Ignoring it can lead to long term health related complications. An experienced chiropractor can immediately determine the underlying cause of pain and discomfort and help you get better before the auto injury turns into chronic pain.

Financial risks

Along with health risks, delaying chiropractic care can also harm your insurance claim. Those who want to claim insurance coverage for medical billsshould immediately search “Auto Accident Doctor near Me”. If you delay the treatment after the accident, the insurance company may question the severity of the condition and your claims might get rejected.

Hence, for smooth processing of your claims and for receiving the compensation you deserve, it is best to consult a chiropractor as soon as possible.

What does a car accident chiropractor do?

A chiropractor uses non-invasive drug-free methods to treat auto injuries like whiplash and tissue damage in the neck and spine. A chiropractor that specializes in AO (Atlas Orthogonal) treatment can help you recover quickly after a car accident. Here are some useful points to know about receiving AO treatment after an auto injury:

  1. The AO technique is a gentle chiropractic approach that is suitable for patients of all age groups.
  2. In this gentle adjustment technique, no cracking or popping of the spine is involved.
  3. AO treatment can only be prescribed after thorough evaluation and assessment by a licensed chiropractor.
  4. The AO adjustment technique basically focuses on the gentle alignment of the atlas vertebrae. It is the topmost vertebrae that are located at the base of the skull.
  5. A chiropractor applies precise force either with their hands or a special adjusting instrument to correct the misalignments caused by auto accidents.
  6. AO treatment is helpful in treating a range of conditions like headaches, neck pain, backache, vertigo and other conditions that occurred due to whiplash or auto injury.
  7. AO is a great chiropractic technique that helps patients to achieve natural alignment and promote overall health and wellness after a traumatic car accident.

Closing thoughts

Chiropractic treatments are beneficial for auto accident victims. Delaying treatment can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Seek prompt treatment if you don’t want to worsen your condition. Delays can make recovery longer and more difficult. Additionally, connecting with a qualified chiropractor right after the injury can be helpful in preventing the development of chronic pain. So don’t delay the treatment and get in touch with us right now.

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