Whiplash recovery: Getting back to playing football at Florida State University

So you are read ended at a stoplight while you are driving to practice all excited for another day on the field. Like other busy university students you brush it off thinking that it is only a minor inconvenience. Little do you know you have suffered a whiplash injury.

You might shrug off the initial discomfort with the assumption that it will go away on its own. You push through the pain because you are eager to keep up with your demanding schedule of football practices and games. But as days turn into weeks, you start to notice lingering symptoms of stiff neck and headaches. Some athletes even face difficult in focusing just by ignoring the symptoms of whiplash.

So before your performance on the field begin to suffer get in touch with the chiropractors in Tallahassee Florida. Whiplash can be frustrating and a demoralizing experience when you are unable to perform on the field. So choose chiropractic care to overcome this setback and return to the field stronger than ever.

Help is available for a star quarterback, a dedicated lineman or a die-hard fan cheering from the side lines. Don’t let an auto injury side line your dreams – let’s tackle whiplash together and get you back in the game.

How to identify that you are suffering from whiplash?

When you are rear-ended at a stoplight you feel a sudden jerk. This impact is whiplash as it sends your head snapping backward and then forward.

Symptoms of whiplash can include

  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness
  • Headaches

Feeling like your head is as heavy as a linebacker’s helmet is not fun. Also the sad part is you should not ignore these symptoms. The above listed won’t make them disappear you have to tackle whiplash head-on.

How can an auto accident doctor near me help?

After a collision you should visit a chiropractor. They can be quarterbacks of your recovery team, calling the plays to get you back in the game.

Chiropractors use gentle spinal adjustments to get everything back in formation. They also hook you up with exercises. These therapies speed up your healing process. Below is how a chiropractor can help you with a winning game plan.

  1. Thorough exam:Get ready for physical exams, diagnostic tests and a discussion of your symptoms and medical history.
  2. Spinal adjustments:When you’ve been in a car crash your spine might feel all out of whack.  Gentle adjustments can straighten things out to kickstart the healing process.
  3. Exercises:These exercises can strengthen muscles and prevent future injuries.
  4. Pain management:You also get recommendations for home care techniques to manage discomfort between appointments.
  5. Education:They’ll help you understand your injury and teach you strategies for preventing re-injury.
  6. Progress monitoring:They’ll track changes in your symptoms, flexibility and functional abilities to ensure you’re on the right track toward recovery.
  7. Long term wellness strategies:You may get recommendations for ongoing chiropractic care and lifestyle modifications for your recovery needs.

Road to Recovery with a Tallahassee personal injury doctor

You can’t rush perfection on the field similarly recovery takes time. Your chiropractor will map out a game plan tailored just for you. This might include the steps shared in the previous section.

You’ll start feeling like your old self again when you progress through your recovery journey. The pain will ease up and your mobility will improve. You’ll be itching to get back on the field. But patience is the key in your chiropractic treatment. Do not expect to win the championship overnight.

How soon can I return to football after auto injury treatment near me?

You should ease back into things gradually. Your chiropractor will give you the green light only when it is safe to lace up those cleats again.

  • Mild cases may allow for a return to football within a few weeks with gradual reintroduction of activities.
  • Severe whiplash injuries may require a longer recovery period.
  • Gradually increasing activity levels to handle the physical demands of football.

Start with some light drills and non-contact exercises to test the waters. This way you can check your footwork and your killer spin move. Go slow and steady and you’ll be back in the game once again dodging defenders like a pro.

Can I prevent future injuries with the help of auto injury doctors near me?

You can keep dominating on the field when you know the drill to prevent future injuries.

  1. Listen to your body:Do not ignore when something feels off. It is a timeout from your body so schedule a chiropractic session immediately.
  2. Practice proper technique: You can tackle, block or score touchdowns but make sure you are doing it the right way. When you focus on the techniques you are basically preventing injuries in the future.
  3. Warm-ups and cool-downs: Stretching up before practice or a game loosen up those muscles. Warming up is good to reduce your risk of sports related injuries.
  4. Off the field care: Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated for long term wellness. Skip the junk food and reach for those nutritious snacks instead. You should also seek recommendations from your chiropractor for better lifestyle modifications.


Alright, Seminoles, it’s time to wrap up our playbook on whiplash recovery. Remember, that auto injuries happen but they don’t have to sideline you for good. Make the right game plan by including chiropractic care and some patience in it. This way you can bounce back stronger than ever after a whiplash injury.

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