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Dr. Pragle and his staff is truly amazing. The office is so peaceful and relaxing. I love the foot sanctuary, Everyone need to try the foot soak and massage. The equipment was really good and helpful. Dr. Pragle really listen to you, and explain things to you. I really like that. I really would recommend him to anyone. For the first time in a long time after going to him for two weeks straight 3 times a week, I did not feel any pain in my back of neck. He is truly amazing. Please visit you will not be disappointed.
Rhea Stevens
Rhea Stevens
Dr. Pragle is the best ! I have been seeing him for some time now since my bad
car accident (neck and spine /back damage) and I would not be able to do daily activities without his treatment and help. I highly recommend him for those of you that want non-invasive and gentle treatment.You can tell he genuinely cares about your health.
Natalie B.
Natalie B.
The atmosphere is so relaxing and most importantly very clean . Dr.pragle makes sure you’re comfortable and communicates very well . Appointments are very easy to make and reschedule, definitely recommend!!!.
NancyJeanbaptiste HDP
NancyJeanbaptiste HDP

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Unique Casino : avis complet 2024 + bons plans bonus

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bThousands of people are affected by migraines on a daily basis. About 12 percent of Americans have had to live with the condition at some point in their life. Migraines can cause insomnia,irritability, loss of sex drive and inability to think clearly during the day, among many other things. All to often, migraine medications do not provide lasting relief. Luckily, there are alternative treatments, such as chiropractic treatments to ease nerve pressure and tense muscles.

cNeck pain is discomfort in the neck area that can range from mild to severe. Several factors, including muscle strain, injury, arthritis, or nerve damage, can cause it. Treatment for neck pain can include rest, physical therapy, medications, or surgery. Some neck pain may last from days to years, depending on the cause of the pain.

Many reasons can cause neck pain. The most common causes include physical strain, poor body pose, mental pressure, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated disk, inflamed nerve, tumors, and other health ailments. Another factor affecting neck pain can be aging; natural wear and tear can cause the narrowing of the spaces in your spine, which causes neck pain.
If the pain does not go within a few weeks, it is time to visit your doctor and have a consultation. Pain that lasts longer than 2 to 3 months is chronic neck pain and needs immediate treatment. If the pain lasts more than days and six weeks, it is an acute pain that, if not treated, can finally turn into chronic neck pain. Some people explain the pain as sharp shooting pain, persistent pain, or burning pain in the neck, while some describe it as continuous pain in the shoulder and neck.

Neck pain treatment depends on the underlying cause. Many common treatment options may help you lessen the pain, including avoiding excess activities, using cold and hot packs, exercises, acupuncture, chiropractic care, or over-the-counter medications. Ensure that you take these medications only as directed by your physician. Overuse of these medicines can cause serious side effects. Consult your neck pain doctor if any treatment does not help.
Neck pain treatment is necessary as it can worsen with time if you don’t visit your doctor immediately. However, the pain can intrude on your daily activities and may reduce your quality of life if not treated properly.

aThe human body’s shoulder joint is the most movable joint in the human body. The shoulder’s movement is provided by the rotator cuff, a collection of four muscles and their tendons. If you have slight shoulder pain, it may indicate that your shoulder’s rotator cuff may swell, damage, or experience bone changes that may result in pain that interferes with your daily tasks. It is the most frequent chance to have pain when rotator cuff tendons get inflamed or stuck in your shoulder. This is called rotator cuff tendinitis and involves irritation of the tendons and inflammation of the bursa, which are tiny sacs that the tendons glide over and are filled with fluid. Often brought on by overuse or damage to tendons close by, like the biceps muscles in the arms.

However, sometimes the pain may arise due to an issue with the neck, lungs, or other body parts. If you experience this discomfort, it is better to consult your doctor. Often, there is pain while the shoulder is at rest but no worsening of the pain.

Call for an emergency or visit your doctor if you suddenly feel strain or crushing pain in your shoulder, especially if the ache begins in your chest, chin, or neck.

Suppose you experience immediate pain, a sudden fall on your shoulder, or severe pain. In that case, you should visit your doctor immediately because you may have torn your rotator cuff or dislocated your shoulder.

If you have minor pain or experienced shoulder soreness, consider using ice and ibuprofen to relieve your shoulder. Also, discover the proper stretching techniques, and develop strong shoulder muscles and rotator cuff tendons. Remember to maintain an appropriate posture to alleviate the pain, or you may also try physical therapy. Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your treatment options and causes of pain. It is necessary to treat the pain, or it may worsen and cause other health problems.

One of the most prevalent medical conditions is back pain. The back pain can feel numb and steady or suddenly shoot down the leg. Sometimes it may start slowly due to aging-related degenerative changes in the spine, or it can begin suddenly due to an accident, a fall, or lifting something heavy. Also, inflammatory arthritic conditions or other disorders can bring on back pain. If you initially experience some pain and discomfort, stay physically active and keep exercising. This won’t worsen your back pain. Staying active and exercising can keep you better. You may take painkillers to help relieve the pain and take your doctor’s suggestions.

Depending on the origin, symptoms, and contributing factors, different treatment options may enhance your health and lessen your chronic or persistent back pain risk.

Back pain can occur due to mechanical or structural problems with the spine, discs, muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the back or due to a compressed nerve. Sprains, which frequently result from inappropriate twisting or lifting of heavy objects, are wounds to the ligaments that support the pine, which link the separate bones.

Back discomfort can be localized to one area or generalized, affecting the entire back. Your buttocks, thighs, or abdomen may occasionally experience back discomfort that radiates to other body parts. The back pain intensity may vary from person to person.

Back pain can be caused by many factors, which may all be present simultaneously and result in chronic low back pain. The pain usually is the reason for mechanical or structural concerns with the spine, inflammatory conditions, and other medical ailments. Sometimes, there can be no cause for back pain.

The best treatment option for back pain is staying active and doing specific exercises. Still, a few may need surgical treatment for back pain. Consult your back pain doctor if the pain worsens, treatment is necessary, or it may worsen the pain.

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