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bThousands of people are affected by migraines on a daily basis. About 12 percent of Americans have had to live with the condition at some point in their life. Migraines can cause insomnia,irritability, loss of sex drive and inability to think clearly during the day, among many other things. All to often, migraine medications do not provide lasting relief. Luckily, there are alternative treatments, such as chiropractic treatments and massage therapy to ease nerve pressure and tense muscles.

cIf your neck aches after a long day at work, chances are you are experiencing neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by car accidents, old sports injuries, and even an old pillow or bed can contribute to the pain. Many people also have the tendency to bend forward (tucking the chin) while on a computer or texting on a device. This position can stress the joints of the cervical spine and strain the surrounding muscles causing neck pain.

aShoulders are great when they move your arms freely like when combing your hair, scratching your back or raising your arms. However, when nerves get irritated or muscles go into spasm then it can quickly become uncomfortable to raise your arm, throw a ball or even sleep on your side at night. Specific shoulder conditions like a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff tears are common these days especially for anyone who does repetitive motion in their jobs. People like painters, carpenters pounding nails or even desk worker who compute all day are at risk for developing shoulder problems.

4We know finding a good massage therapist in Tallahassee, FL is not easy and getting good massages is important to your relaxation and overall health.We’re committed to a relaxing massage experience with consistency in service and pricing, every time. We assure you a relaxing, stress free experience that is both rejuvenating and budget-friendly.

Meet and Greet : Friendly welcome in a relaxing, spa-like environment. Intake Form to identify key areas of tension.

The back treatment which is a gentle chiropractic alignment of the pelvic bones and sacrum with vibrations. This treatment is focused on lower back pain and sciatica relief and includes a relaxing vibration massage as well as a trigger point massage. Many people have piriformis syndrome which is a trigger point in the piriformis muscle which can pinch the sciatic nerve, shooting pain into hip. For most clients, Dr. Eric will also add on spinal decompression to ease lumbar disc pressure.

Experience relaxation like never before with the Foot Sanctuary which is a luxuriously warm foot soak in artisan hand made copper bowls with an aromatic salt mix. Add on a reflexology foot massage for the ultimate wellness treatment by skillfully stimulating the 7,000 nerve endings in each foot. Why not relax deeply while kick starting your body’s natural healing abilities. Lini, LMT, is our head therapist and loves pressing into feet that have been soak in essential oils. She blends touch intuition with an imprint of the foot reflexology map for pinpoint pressures that can relieve all parts of the body.

5 Star Reviews

Dr. Pragle is the best ! I have been seeing him for some time now since my bad
car accident (neck and spine /back damage) and I would not be able to do daily activities without his treatment and help. I highly recommend him for those of you that want non-invasive and gentle treatment.You can tell he genuinely cares about your health.
Natalie B.
After Dr. Pragle’s AO treatment my atlas not only was truly realigned but the treatment held, unlike with other chiropractic experiences I’ve had. Everything he’s done from the AO to working on my hips to massage to using the body bridge has helped me tremendously -I feel better than I have in a long time.
I’m very grateful I was introduced to him and his practice.
Dorothea S.
When I went in to see Dr. Prage, I was nearly in tears. I have suffered for over a decade now with fibromyalgia…migraines…muscle knots and spasms. I immediately felt relief with the AO treatment and followed with massage (Jennifer is amazing!!!) Not only did Dr. Pragle provide results, he also had such patience, concern, and great bedside manner.
Jacqualyn A.
Dr. Pragle truly cares about the health of people he is caring for.
My daughters and I were in a car accident and went to see
Dr. pragle afterwards.He gave a thourough exam and explanation of how
the AO treatment works.Now we are all
feeling better than we did before the accident.
Rebekah P.

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