Sports Injury

Sports Injury Therapy Services

It happens so fast, you’re driving down the road in Tallahassee or Miami or Tampa or any city in Florida and you come to a stop at a red light.  You look down briefly and “crash” a car slams into your bumper.  Luckily, you remember to call the police and report the accident to your auto insurance company.  But you feel disoriented and things are starting to ache.  You feel a slight throb in your head and neck coming on. It’s hard to think straight but you know you need some help. You may go to an urgent care or Emergency room but after waiting for a long time and receiving very little relief from the neck and back pain, you go home.

Several days later when the adrenaline of the accident leaves your body, you start to feel more aching and sometimes throbbing in your neck, shoulder and back areas.  Now you realize you really need something other than medical treatment, so you google car accident treatment or car accident chiropractors near me.  Close to the top of the page, you find Pragle Chiropractic, Accident And Injury Clinic Tallahassee with hundreds of 5 star reviews. You call or text them and get scheduled the same day.

We offer gentle chiropractic treatments and physical therapies to help you relieve and manage the pain.  We can also refer you for an MRI, orthopedic consultation or neurological consultation, depending on the examination findings.  And if you hire a car accident lawyer then we can work closely with them to help document your injuries for your case.  Call us today!