What to expect during and after a chiropractic adjustment for auto accident injuries

Auto accidents disrupt your life. They bring about not just vehicle damage but also physical injuries. These injuries take time to heal and in the meanwhile you feel so devastated because of the costs and recovery duration. Chiropractic care is popular for long term relief from auto accident injuries. If you’re new to this form of care then it is obvious that you have several questions. Keep on reading if you want to know about the treatment comfort levels. Let’s dive into what you can expect with a Tallahassee pain chiropractor for auto accident injuries.

What does an adjustment feel like? Is it painful to visit a chiropractic clinic near me?

A chiropractor adjustment is nothing but applying a controlled sudden force to a spinal joint. This adjustment might sound a bit intense but it is quick and not as scary as it sounds.

For most people, an adjustment feels like a quick pressure followed by a release. Some describe it as a pop or crack which is similar to cracking your knuckles. It is usually not painful. In fact, many people find it relieving after dealing with a lot of tension.

However, the experience can be different for everyone. If you are already in pain from an auto accident then get ready to feel bit of discomfort during the adjustment. But it should not be unbearable. Always communicate with your chiropractor about your pain levels for a satisfying experience.

What immediate effects should you expect after adjustments by an upper back pain chiropractor?

Will you feel like a new person right away after the adjustment? Well the results are different for everyone but here is a brief discussion of what you can expect.

  • Quick relief: Many people feel a sense of relief immediately after the session. You might notice that you can move more freely and that some of the pain has subsided. This is because the adjustment takes care of your spinal alignment. Your appointment with a chiropractor basically reduced pressure on your nerves which is why you feel immediate relief.
  • Soreness:Though it is also common to feel a bit sore after your first adjustment. You might think of the adjustments uncomfortable if you have had significant injuries. You will feel sore just like you feel after a workout which goes away on its own. So drink lots of water and rest to get rid of the soreness quickly.
  • Good mood: Some people also experience a boost in their mood and energy levels. This is because proper spinal alignment can have positive impact your nervous system.

How can I tell if chiropractic care is working for my injury?

Note your pain levels to tell if chiropractic adjustments are right for you. It is a good sign that you feel less pain after your sessions. It simply means that the adjustments are helping.

Another positive indicator for the treatment effectiveness is your flexibility. When you can move around and perform daily activities with ease it means your body is responding well to the treatment.

Chiropractic care often requires multiple sessions so have patience. If you have significant injuries then do not expect miracle right after the first session. Keep track of your progress over time. A good chiropractor will regularly assess your condition then adjust your treatment plan as needed.

You can also gauge effectiveness is by noting improvements in your overall health. Better sleep with no more headaches are signs that chiropractic care is benefiting you.

What should I do after visiting a chiropractor in Tallahassee?

The results of chiropractic adjustment can manifold with the following tips.

  1. Take rest for the day to avoid putting more pressure on your body. You can do stretching but avoid anything that puts too much strain on you body.
  2. Chiropractic adjustment can release some toxins that you should flush out by drinking lots of water. It also keeps your body hydrated which aids in recovery.
  3. Make sure your spine is straight when you sit. Your shoulders should be back to have a correct posture. This helps maintain the benefits of the adjustment.
  4. Follow any specific advice given by your chiropractor. For better outcomes or faster recovery your chiropractor might recommend certain exercises. Do not skip doing those stretches. Also follow the suggest lifestyle changes because they are good for your specific recovery needs.

How often should I get adjustments after an auto accident in 32301?

College students face difficulty in time management. It is difficult for them to manage time between college and work. Then they have to carve time for chiropractic sessions feels a bit too much. But thankful the frequency of your chiropractic visits should not be less than two to three times a week. The best part is when you condition improves the frequency of visits will likely decrease.

You might move to once a week, then once every two weeks, and eventually to a maintenance schedule. Maintenance might mean a visit once a month or even less, depending on how well your body maintains the alignment.

Do not skip sessions or following through otherwise you have to deal with a slow recovery process. For instance, you might lose the progress made in the previous session if you miss your regular adjustments with your pain chiropractor. Then you get misaligned joints that cause more pain and stiffness. On the other hand, regular visits to the chiropractor means you are giving consistent care to your body. You maintain alignment and receive steady improvement. All these efforts would lead to a quicker and more complete recovery.


Chiropractic care translates to faster recovery from auto accident injuries. You might have some apprehensions if it is your time seeking chiropractic care. Well the process might feel a bit strange at first but many people find significant relief and improvement in their quality of life through chiropractic care. 

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