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Lower Back Pain Treatments Near Tallahassee, FL

Symptoms And Treatment of Lower Back Pain
If your one of the 75% of american adults who have experience back pain, you know how it can make it uncomfortable to sit, bend, sleep or walk throughout the day. Whether it’s due to an irritated sciatic nerve, tight psoas muscle or a sprain or strain of the low back, it’s important to find back treatment to help you prevent unnecessary suffering, possible opioid addiction and even disability. (1)

Posture can be one of the most likely reasons people develop low back pain. Poor posture throughout the day including sitting, sleeping and walking form can create muscle compensations putting more pressure on the nerves, muscles and ligaments around the lumbar spine. Due to normal daily constraints, many people are forced to sit for eight to ten hours a day with improper back support. Middle aged adults who are very sedentary are most likely to deal with severe low back aches and therefore can significantly benefit from lower back pain relief treatments such as gentle chiropractic treatments, daily exercise, massage therapy and stretching. (2)

Drug-free Treatments for Lower Back Pain Relief
1.Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to provide lower back pain relief along with other
therapies including physical therapy, massage therapy and specific therapeutic exercises and stretches.
According to the Journal of North American Spine Society, spinal manipulation (i.e. chiropractic adjustment) are
safe, effective treatments for long term and acute back pain in adults. (3) Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy offers
gentle treatments for lower back pain management with the AO Treatment, Back Treatment and Massage Therapy.

2.Massage Therapy is also an effective treatment for back aches and pains. Therapeutic massage
can reduce muscle spasms in the back, release muscle trigger points or adhesion, improve blood flow to the back
muscles, increase range of motion in the back and promote healing and relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is
a common lower back pain treatment often targeting the muscle trigger points in the quadratus lumborum and
gluteus muscles.

3.Therapeutic Exercises done regularly, especially aerobic and strength training, can be
effective for easing back aches by increasing joint flexibility and blood flow to the muscles. The right
exercises done with proper form can also help you maintain a good health weight, improve posture and reduce
inflammation throughout the body. Exercises targeting core and back strength is the key.

Exercise considerations for lower back pain relief include:

  • avoid sitting to long at work or in your car; try to stand up and move around every 45 minutes
  • gentle warms before and after any activities
  • drink plenty of water and get extra rest in between exercise sessions
  • wear supportive and cushioned shoes, especially if you have flat feet
  • learning and practicing proper technique for each exercise is real important

Yoga, done with proper form, especially sun salutation can be effective for easing back and hip pains. Important to learn proper yoga poses from a professional. (3)

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