How soon after a car accident should college students seek chiropractic care

You know how it goes in college – you get a bump, a sprain or maybe a twisted ankle then you think eh, it is not a big deal.

Did you know that the injuries you brush off can come back to bite you?  Studies tell that about 50% of college students end up with some kind of injury during the school year. Instead of dealing with it many students just tough it out or put off seeing a doc.

You think it is fine to delay your treatment because there are all these pressures, right? You do not want to miss class or skip out on hanging with friends. Who wants to deal with medical bills? It is easier to just ignore the pain and hope it goes away.

But you should know that ignored injuries can make things worse. That little ache could turn into a bigger problem down the road. So, maybe it is time you start taking your health a bit more seriously. Next time you are hurt in an auto injury do not shrug it off. Instead search where is the best chiropractor near me?

It is better to be safe than sorry especially after auto accident injuries. So go and make an appointment. Let’s discuss when is the right time for college students to see a chiropractor following a car crash.

Recognize the signs to visit a chiropractor in Tallahassee Fl

College students have got a lot on their plate. Visiting a doctor is often the least favourite task on their list. But things happen and accidents too. Do you know when it is time to see a chiropractor after a car injury? You can identify some common signs telling that your body needs some TLC and brushing off the pain won’t work this time.

Soreness after a car accident is pretty normal. Though when you experience persistent symptoms like neck pain, back pain, headaches as well as stiffness then it is time to take action. These are the signs that something is not quite right. These problems could be indicators of underlying injuries that need attention.

Sometimes the pain seems minor at first butgets worse over time when left untreated. Listen carefully to the signals that your body sends you after a car accident. Do not ignore the warning signs and get them treated immediately.


How soon you should seek chiropractic care after car accident?

Acting quickly can significantly impact your recovery process. We have made a timeline to guide you about the promptness of the treatment.


Immediately after the accident-

  1. Make sure you and everyone else are okay. If someone is seriously hurt then you can call for emergency help.
  2. Even if you don’t feel immediate pain but you should not ignore the importance of documentation. Take pictures of any injuries as well as of vehicle damage. These pictures or videos will help to document what happened accurately at the accident scene.
  3. Share insurance details with other parties involved in the accident.
  4. Contact the authorities to report the accident. You should also getthe accident report copy for insurance claims.


Within 24 to 48 hours after the accident-

  1. Book an appointment with a chiropractorASAP. The quickerthe better to avoidthe risk of longterm issues.
  2. Even if there is no severe pain you should still get yourself checked. The evaluation by a chiropractor is best to rule out any hidden injuries that may worsen over time.


During thechiropractic appointment-

  1. At this time you get the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your health.
  2. Your chiropractor will listen to your needs to suggest personalized recovery recommendations.
  3. They offer guidance on ergonomics along with posture correction or stress management techniques. These are best to prevent future injuries.

Follow this timeline and get prompt chiropractic care for quick recovery. When you act promptly you are minimizing the impact of auto accident injuries on your health.


How do I prepare for a visit at a top rated chiropractor near me?

We get it – carving time to see a chiropractor with all those classes and assignments can be tough. Butyour health comes first and there is no need to feel hesitant or unsure about seeing a chiropractor. Calm your nerves and get you ready for your chiropractor visit. Before you head over the clinic here is what you got to do.

  • Find a chiropractor’s clinic that is near your college. You can even choose us we are located right next to Florida State University.
  • Then jot down any symptoms you experience along with the questions you have.
  • Bring along any relevant medical records or insurance information.

Arrive to the clinic prepared for a detailed assessment of your condition. The examination sometimes also include diagnostic tests like X-rays or MRI scans.


Is chiropractic care right for auto injury whiplash treatment in Tallahassee?

Chiropractic care offers a range of benefitsfor college students. It canremove all the discomfort you got from that fender bender. Plus chiropractic sessions can make your more flexible. You don’t have to take pain killers anymore.

Chiropractors makes you overall healthy but getting to the root cause of the problem. The gentle popping of the back is actually bringing backing the proper alignment of your spine and nervous system. Your body functions more efficiently with these adjustments. So that you can feel better and perform best in your college life.

Chiropractic care treats the auto injuries then it also help to prevent future problems. You learn how to maintain a proper posture and make your core muscles stronger. Believe it or not good spinal health is of utmost important is college life when you spend most of your time sitting at desks or studying on computers.



If  you have been in a car accident and are dealing any of the above discussed symptoms then don’t wait. Your health and wellbeing are worth it so take an action quickly. Remember prompt treatment translates into speedy recovery which is often the priority of most college students. Wondering who is the best chiropractor near me? Well you can consult with Dr. Eric who is rated as the most trusted name for auto injury treatment among college students. Visit us at Pragle Chiropractic and Massage clinic to take control of your health. We accept auto insurance and our clinic is located in the neighbourhood of Four Points by Sheraton Tallahassee Downtown and College Park. So hurry up and take control of your health.

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