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7 reasons that college students love chiropractic care

Imagine you are a marathon runner and there are pebbles in your shoes. Would you be able to give your 100% in the race?

Well, the same dilemma is experienced by many college students, around 65% of them to be precise. The American College Health Association surveyed 10,000 college students and found that college students have reported that they experience back pain and chronic neck pain. There are numerous other studies and journals available on the detrimental effects of college life on the musculoskeletal health of students.

Blame it on prolonged hours of studying, sitting at desks, or excessive use of digital devices, students these days are suffering. Your sedentary lifestyle coupled with your poor posture is suggesting that it’s high time you see an upper back pain chiropractor.

A chiropractor can help you mitigate these issues, teach you the importance of ergonomics and indirectly contribute to your academic excellence. Let’s discuss the potential benefits of regularly seeing a chiropractor, especially when you are a college student.

What are the risk factors associated with upper back in college students?

Studies revealed that the lifetime prevalence of back pain is higher in college students. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness among college students about the risk factors that make their condition worse.

College students experience chronic neck pain or back pain due to the following reasons:

  • Slouching and hunching over desks all day long
  • Using non-adjustable poorly designed furniture
  • Long hours of studying and sitting
  • Uneven weight distribution from carrying heavy backpacks
  • Repetitive typing activities without a proper break
  • Lack of exercise, stress, and tension

What are the benefits of visiting a chiropractor near me?

College students overwhelmed by exams, assignments, and extracurricular commitments definitely find relief through chiropractic care. Here are some compelling reasons that you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric right now.

 1. Relief from the whirlwind of stress and anxiety:

Many students have this false assumption that chiropractors are only useful to alleviate physical pain. However, the adjustments and spinal manipulations are equally effective on your mental well-being.

These gentle spinal manipulations relieve tension and promote relaxation. As a result, you get better sleep and improve your overall mental health.

 2. Relief from postural issues:

John, a student at Florida State University, used to hunch over his textbooks and laptops all day long. As a result, he started experiencing poor posture which caused back pain. Chiropractic adjustments work wonders for his posture. Moreover, he got ergonomics recommendations which decreased discomfort and allowed him to study conveniently.

 3. Prevention of sports injury:

If you are part of a college sports team, you must be well aware of the nagging injuries. Chiropractic sessions are immensely beneficial to improve your flexibility. With improved joint mobility you can reach your fullest potential in that soccer game and don’t have to worry about pain or injuries. In simple words, for improved athletic performance, chiropractic care is essential.

 5. Boost of energy:

Excessive caffeine consumption is not a healthier approach to getting through college struggles. To revitalize the body, many students prefer chiropractic adjustments. The holistic approach to care helps students to experience a renewed sense of well-being. Moreover, a session with a chiropractor makes you able to concentrate and stay alert during lectures.

 6. Reduced reliance on painkillers:

Chiropractic care is a drug-free pain management approach. Students who are dealing with chronic migraines have shifted to this natural healing technique that also reduces the risk of increased toxicity due to prolonged consumption of painkillers. A chiropractor targets the source of discomfort and offers personalized care. On the contrary, OTC drugs merely work on the symptoms. Therefore, students prefer this non-toxic approach to reduce the frequency and intensity of pain.

 7. Improved sleep cycle:

A large percentage of college students often report being on the verge of burnout. Muscle tension and pain contribute to their sleeping difficulties. This is when chiropractors come to help. Busy students who suffered from sleep disturbance caused by back pain experienced remarkable improvements from chiropractic adjustments. After a chiropractic therapy session, these students love waking up feeling refreshed in the morning.

 8. Overall wellness:

Chiropractic adjustments are not just aimed at physical restoration. Schedule a session so you will understand how college students enjoy the well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing. Regular adjustments helped students not just in relieving the back pain but also improving blood circulation, boosting immunity and overall wellness.

Can you afford chiropractor therapy on a student’s budget?

Chiropractic therapy can be affordable for students on a tight budget.  Make sure to leverage the benefits of health insurance plans. Many insurance providers offer coverage for chiropractic services. Hence it becomes accessible and cost-effective for students seeking treatment for upper back pain and related issues.

What to expect when I visit the top-rated chiropractor near me?

A student visiting a chiropractor for the first time can expect the following during the session:

  • Comprehensive assessment: A thorough evaluation of your condition and medical history.
  • Treatment plans: Tailored chiropractic care based on your specific needs and goals.
  • Gentle adjustments: Targeted adjustments to alleviate pain and restore spinal alignment.
  • Education on posture and ergonomics: Recommendations to help prevent future issues.
  • Supportive environment: A caring and empathetic approach, providing a comfortable and safe space for your concerns.
  • Collaborative care: Coordination with other healthcare professionals if required.


Chiropractic care has emerged as a preferred choice for college students. If you are seeking a drug-free method for stress relief, improved posture, pain management, improved sleep quality, and overall wellness, then you should consider chiropractic sessions.

If you are wondering which is the best and most affordable chiropractor near me for regular sessions, then you can end your search with Dr. Eric. He is a highly experienced chiropractor available across the street from Leroy Collins Leon County Main Public Library. Schedule an appointment today and find balance during your college years and beyond.

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